Baby2Toddler B

Hello, I'm Baby2Toddler B.

Welcome to my Baby2Toddler Boutique! Please like my Facebook page to be kept updated on new listings As an excited first time Mum, I brought so many clothes for my new arrival, washing them, folding them into draws, feeling very prepared on the clothes front. Soon as my baby was here, we had to rush out as we didn't have enough newborn clothes, as we thought she would only be in them for a week, which lead into six weeks. Half of the clothes my baby never wore as I simply forgot about them, she grow out of them within a week or had to rush out to buy a handful of outfits due there being a heatwave one minute then freezing the next. I don't enough want to think about the amount of money we spent on clothes, especially on a maternity leave budget. Think of all the baby groups i could have taken my little one to. I sell good quality second hand clothes at a good price so if the above happens to you the bank account doesn't take as big of a hit. Build your own bundle - postage won't go over £4