Hello, I'm Honor S.

Looking to share some of the useful and beautiful things bought and enjoyed for my quickly-growing daughter. Love leopard print and am trying to shop a bit more sustainably.

Reviews from Buyers (2)

  • Emily H

    Perfect! Thank you Honor! Such a bargain and another thing ticked off my list :)

    Emily HMarch 2021

  • elizabeth r

    Honor was brilliant, replied really quickly and the nappies were in great condition. Thanks so much.

    elizabeth rFebruary 2021

Reviews from Sellers (1)

  • ashley D

    Honor was very gracious and understanding after I had found some extra pieces for the Lascal board in my storage. Sent them off straight away and I hope that she's getting on ok with the set up! Hopefully the board will be useful when getting out & about!

    ashley DMarch 2021